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Make Art for Mumbai's Mangroves
Flint Culture

Opportunity closes: 22nd May 2021
Type: Project

Website: ministryofmumbaismagic.com
Instagram: @https://www.instagram.com/mumbaismagic/
The Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic calls on young creatives to use their artistic expression, collective power and digital skills to help protect Mumbai’s incredible biodiversity. Mumbai’s wetlands are crucial for the city’s survival and this is a step towards expanding the audience’s understanding of the issue. The city’s coastlines are cushioned by a mangrove cover of 66 square km that poses as a natural barrier against sea-level rise and coastal flooding while welcoming a wealth of migratory birds and aquatic species.

Artists are invited to participate by creating artworks that they can share on their social media handles under the hashtag #MakeArtForMumbaisMangroves to draw attention to the need for collective action to protect the city's biodiversity. All the artworks united under this hashtag will create a well of collective voices that highlight the need to protect Mumbai’s wetlands. The aim is to catalogue and present this artwork to the Environment Ministry in June 2021, exhibiting the creative community's support and call to citizen action for necessary policy changes.

How To Apply

Artists can choose to work with any medium of their choice (i.e. illustration, mixed media, handicraft, poetry, video, music, etc.). As this piece will be promoted primarily through digital media engagement, dimensions are required to be of 1:1 aspect ratio to increase shareability on social media (preferably 1080px X 1080px). Artists are encouraged to add a small signature/mark within the illustration. Please do not include MMM branding anywhere in the artwork as we would like the piece to live independently.

Deadline to upload artworks under #MakeArtForMumbaisMangroves : Till 22 May 2021