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Design Writing Fellowship
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Opportunity closes: 15th Dec 2021
Type: Fellowship
Salary: Undisclosed

Website: writingspacechi.com

The Design Writing Fellowship Program

Writing Space is pleased to host the 2022 Design Writing Fellowship (formerly the Design Incubation Fellowship), a program to encourage and facilitate scholarly pursuits within the field of design. Under guidance of facilitators (senior faculty members and writing mentors), participants will work on a book or exhibition review, journal article, or book proposal. During the three-day workshop, participants hone their skills in the fundamentals of writing and revision and explore various publishing options suited to their projects. Fellowships are open to academics in one or more of the following areas: graphic design, information design, branding, marketing, advertising, typography, web, interaction, film and video, animation, illustration, and game design.

This year, the Design Writing Fellowship Program will run from June 2–June 4, 2022.

The Design Writing Fellowship Workshop

All Fellows participate in a three-day, virtual workshop that offers participants the opportunity to share and develop ideas for research and individual writing projects while receiving constructive feedback from faculty mentors and peers in their field.

Fellows prepare a piece of writing in advance of the Fellowship and then work on this project throughout the various sessions of the Fellowship Workshop. Activities include short informational sessions, an afternoon devoted to analyzing and editing written work, and workshops in which participants share their projects with peers and receive structured feedback. Throughout the fellowship, collaboration is encouraged.

How To Apply

The Application Process

Applications will be accepted from October 15, 2021–December 15, 2021.

Fellowscommit to working on a writing project with help from facilitators in one of the following three areas: Reviews, Articles, or Books. In addition to working on a project independently, the Fellowship includes a three-day, intensive virtual workshop during which participants learn about different modes of publishing, practice different writing strategies, and are introduced to editors. All Fellows must participate in the Design Writing Fellowship Program Workshop, which will be held virtually and synchronously over the course of three days on June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

There is no fee to apply for the Design Writing Fellowship, however there is a $300 fee to participate in it. A formal letter of acceptance will be provided so attendees can apply for funds from their home institutions and pay the workshop fee to reserve their place.

To Apply

Applicants must choose one of three tracks listed below. All applicants are required to provide:

  • a CV

  • a 200-400 word narrative explaining how writing fits into the trajectory of their research/scholarship and why they want to participate in the fellowship

Each track has its own additional application requirements. Submit applications using our convenient online form.


This track allows applicants who do not have a project in process to take part in the fellowship and benefit from the experience of workshop facilitators as well as fellow participants. Once accepted, participants will choose an exhibition or book to review. The goal of this track is to publish finalized reviews in an academic journal. Participants on this track will complete a draft of their review prior to arriving at the workshop but do not need to have a review started in order to apply for the Fellowship.

Along with other application materials, applicants for this track should submit:

  • a 200-400 word writing sample or, if you do not have a sample, an expanded narrative describing how you want writing to fit into your creative practice
    or how it already aligns with your research

To apply, complete the online Reviews Application form.


This track is open to applicants who have already begun work on an article for publication in an academic or trade journal. The goal of this track is to revise an article manuscript for submission to an academic or trade journal. During the Fellowship Workshop, participants in this track will receive feedback from facilitators as well as fellow participants, and develop strategies for further revising their manuscripts for publication.

Along with other application materials, applicants for this track should submit:

  • an article abstract (no more than 300 words) that addresses the following:

    • Topic (what is the subject of your article?)

    • Problem (what question are you seeking to answer, or what conventional understanding within the field are you seeking to challenge?)

    • Argument (what is your article’s central claim, and what kinds of evidence do you use to support your claim?

    • Stakes (why is your argument significant to the field and/or what is its practical application?)

  • a list of three possible venues for publication (noting each publication’s specifications for article length and citation style)

  • a manuscript draft, or some early writing towards a draft
    **Applicants who submit full drafts are given preference. Those who choose
    to submit the latter will, if accepted, be expected to submit a complete draft
    of the article by mid-spring; participation in the fellowship will be contingent
    upon submission of this full draft.

To apply, complete the online Articles Application form.


This track is open to applicants who have already begun work to conceive a book project for publication by an academic or trade press. The goal of this track is to finalize a book proposal for submission to an academic or trade press. During the Fellowship Workshop participants in the book group will receive feedback from facilitators, as well as fellow participants, and will learn about the various steps needed to complete a book project and submit a proposal to a press for publication.

Along with other application materials, applicants for this track should submit:

  • a book proposal that follows the format of this template (if applicants are
    working from a specific press’s proposal template, that is also fine)

  • a minimum 2000-word writing sample consisting of content from one or
    more chapters

To apply, complete the online Books Application form.