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Peer Partnership Programme
Fuse / The Creative Occupation

Opportunity closes: 30th Nov 2021
Type: Mentoring
Salary: Undisclosed

Website: thecreativeoccupation.com
Instagram: @@fusemanchester @thecreativeocc

Global platform Fuse, teams up with The Creative Occupation to launch a Peer Partnership Scheme aimed at underrepresented creatives.

The TCO x Fuse Programme pairs up black, brown and ethnically diverse creatives so that they can; share strategies for success, hold one another accountable to their goals, and act as cheerleaders for each other. Programme participants will be matched with other creatives who share their level, field of work etc., and supported with tools and resources to help them grow their relationships. This partnership is an exciting opportunity for creatives from marginalised backgrounds, at all levels, to learn from one another, encourage each other, and progress in their careers, together.

The partnership between Fuse and TCO came about quite quickly. We have similar values but do different things, while Fuse is a platform that aims to focus on diverse creatives, TCO aims for all but puts an emphasis on underrepresented creatives. Both Fuse and TCO have wanted to work together and originally planned to create a mentorship scheme. We instead suggested that we focus on younger, early starting creatives instead.

The aim behind the programme is to encourage creatives to form relationships with those in similar levels to them. The industry can feel very isolating after graduation, or if you didn't go to university, even tougher to form connections – therefore, the hope is our scheme can encourage people to navigate the industry and have others to bounce ideas off of, work together and grow.

It'll help creatives from underrepresented backgrounds by empowering them and ultimately, help open up opportunities. During the partnership and scheme, we're hoping that the creatives who sign up can form working relationships and continue to network as they navigate through the industry. For some, they might end up forming their own platforms/business/studios and for others, they will have support in their partners.

To sign up for the scheme, visit The Creative Occupation’s website and register as a member.

How To Apply

To sign up for the scheme, visit The Creative Occupation’s website and register as a member. The website is https://thecreativeoccupation.com

You can also email: [email protected] and/or [email protected] with the subject 'Peer Partnership Programme'