Opportunities Board

AOI Mentorship Scheme 2022
The Association of Illustrators

Opportunity closes: 7th Nov 2021
Type: Mentoring
Based: Virtual
Salary: Undisclosed

Website: theaoi.com
Instagram: @theaoi
The AOI’s 2022 mentorship scheme is open for applications! We are delighted to introduce 18 mentors who are generously sharing their time and expertise with our community.

The scheme is designed to be by illustrators, for illustrators and is coordinated by The AOI. There is no cost. Applications are open to AOI members who are underrepresented in our industry. We will also have two spaces available for non-members who meet the criteria.

Our mentors include agents who are looking to support people under represented in the agenting field, either at the early stage of their career, or who are considering moving into being an agent.

How it works

Mentees will have six sessions (online) with their mentor over a 3-6 month period. In the first session you will agree a basic contract, including when you will meet, what you will achieve, and any challenges that you can identify.

Mentees are asked to set up to three goals to achieve during their mentorship. This might be developing a new technique or skills, getting more confident in negotiation, or working in a new area. They don’t have to be world changing- just game changing for you.

Mentees will be expected to work on agreed areas between meetings. At the end of the sessions you will write a short report for the AOI, summarising your mentorship, and identifying your next steps.

The AOI will share the great work of mentees, as well as creating a space for mentees to get to know each other, and build a creative network for after the scheme ends.

How To Apply

How to apply

Applicants must be members of the AOI on the deadline (7 November 2021). Applications are open to all illustrators and agents underrepresented within this industry.You must submit;A covering letter, not more than 1 A4 page, including:

  1. Why you want the mentorship.
  2. What up to 3 goals to achieve during the mentorship would be.
  3. Your availability for the mentorship sessions (ie anytime, evenings only, weekends only). This may impact the availability of mentors.
  4. If you are an AOI member at the time of application.
  5. How you consider yourself to be underrepresented in the industry*.
  6. A CV with a link to a folio or website

*We are aware there is a breadth of background and experiences which may be considered ‘underrepresented’ and are therefore not providing definitions which may be limiting. It is an eligibility criteria that is self determined.

It may include disabled illustrators, illustrators living with a learning disability, illustrators of colour, refugees or asylum seekers, LGBTQ+ illustrators, illustrators who are young parents or carers, illustrators from low -income households (this may be a household income of under £25K or comparable) or illustrators who have not had a university education.

These should be pdf attachments sent to [email protected]

Applications must be received by midnight Sunday 7 November 2021.

Mentorship is expected to start early 2022 and run through to the middle of the year.