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Stand Out - Employment Support and Mentoring Programme
UpRising Leadership

Opportunity closes: 27th Sep 2021
Type: Training Programme
Salary: Undisclosed

Website: westandout.uk
Instagram: @uprising_uk

Having trouble securing the job you want? Not even sure what that job might be?
Stand Out can help you!

Stand Out exists to help you find your future. The programme comprises a month of
daily online workshops and sessions designed to provide you with practical help and

guidance during your job search, followed by support from a trained mentor for up
to a year.

What is Stand Out?
Stand Out is a FREE online month-long daily programme for 18 - 25 year olds to support you find a job PLUS up to a year of FREE mentoring to help you stand out ina competitive job market.

Stand Out connects you with employers, gives you access to a coach and provides a
month of structured, live daily interactive online sessions which provide concrete
insight into topics such as how recruiters work, how to ace job interviews, project
management, presenting yourself for success and much more besides. Sessions are
available to rewatch and catch up with whenever you like.

From meeting with employers to online socials to resilience workshops, it has
everything you need to help you find a job, develop your skills and make new
friends. Plus a trained mentor who will support and guide you every step of the way.

Our next programme begins on 4 October 2021 and the deadline for applications is
5pm on 27 September 2021.

What you’ll get from Stand Out
  • The opportunity to grow your network, connect with industry experts and employers directly.
  • Workshops and sessions that can be attended in real time, or flexible with recorded content, with our team for 4 weeks, including bespoke CV feedback and support on where and how to find job opportunities.
  • A supportive, experienced community of professionals and other young people.
  • One-on-one personalised support from a career-focused mentor for 1 year.

Who else has done Stand Out?
We have supported over 500 young people through our employment programmes and we know it works!
• 90% completed the programme (because they loved it!)
• 77% gained a job or were in education or training within six months of completing the programme
• 97% told us the programme increased their confidence, networks and skills.

Who is Stand Out for?
The programme is FREE and open to anyone who is:

• 18-25 years old.
• Based anywhere in England.
• Unemployed, in part-time or precarious work or in the final year of
• Available for daily online sessions from 26th July - 20th August.
• Stand Out specifically caters for people who are from ethnically and
culturally diverse backgrounds or identify as working class.

How To Apply

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