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Werkhouse – a weekend workshop to experience the realities of design studio life

Opportunity closes: 15th Oct 2021
Type: Workshop
Based: South West

Website: werkhouse.co.uk
Instagram: @werkhousebrs

November 20-21 2021

A team of design professionals from Bristol and Bath have come together to create a weekend workshop for design students and young designers. The workshop will be held at Taxi Studio on November 20-21 with some of the region’s most respected design industry professionals.

The Werkhouse weekend begins with the scenario of a client call asking for a meeting about how you can help them with a new product launch. Participants will have two days to prepare a response that will catch their attention, make business sense and win the relationship.

With support and guidance from the design industry mentors, the teams will experience what it is really like when working under the pressures of commercial realities. Can they think creatively, filter strategically and articulate a proposal in just 48hrs? The professionals will lead the teams through the approaches they use to rapidly develop concepts for clients, and then help the participants to sell their ideas.

This weekend workshop is a pilot project, created in response to an increasing level of discussion about whether design education is meeting the changing needs of design businesses. It was based on the experience of the team, who meet too many design graduates who are not prepared for what it’s like to work in a design studio – the pace, the way real projects get managed and the need for negotiation with clients.

This weekend experience will give design students and junior designers an advantage in their career, as they’ll be better prepared for studio life. We are calling for applicants from all design disciplines who’d like some extra design industry experience; they could be students, or already working as junior designers.

Werkhouse is open to anyone - there's no age limit or required qualifications. It would benefit anyone who's looking to get a taste of studio life and make some connections.

Applications will open in September. As there's usually a limited number of spaces, it would be advantageous to follow us across our socials as we will be offering some info and advice to applicants via our platforms over the summer.

“In recent years I see increasing numbers of graduates without a good understanding of design in the real world.” Bob Mytton, Creative Director at Mytton Williams.

“There is an assumption that the design industry will fill the blanks in student gaps. It’s time the design industry stepped-in earlier to achieve a higher quality of graduates.” Jamie Gallagher, Creative Director at Hello.

Everyone involved has given their time for free and Taxi Studio will open its doors so that the whole experience takes place inside a successful commercial studio. During the two days the professionals involved will be telling their stories and inviting the teams to share their perspective on design education and how the design industry is changing. Once the workshop is complete, they will be looking to see where this leads next, in helping design education to adapt in the ways that so many in the industry are now discussing.

“It’s vital that we start trying to bridge the gap between what design students expect and what design businesses need – working on a brief in a studio to explore the topic from both sides seems like a great place to start!” Kate Lenton, Managing Director, Taxi.

How To Apply


Follow Werkhouse on socials for more info.


Applications opened September 6th, the deadline for applications is October 15th 2021.