Opportunities Board

Publication Fund

Opportunity closes: 1 Jun 2021
Type: Open Call
Based: London
Salary: Undisclosed

Website: pagemasters.co
Instagram: @pagemasters.co

PageMasters is offering a £500 in-house production budget to a new or existing publication or zine. Our aim is to pass on an understanding of how to self-publish, how to produce publications efficiently, how to get them into people’s hands and most importantly to encourage collaboration.

What’s on offer?

We are offering to help support a new or existing publication focusing on themes of gender, race, disability, care, class, politics and/or art.

This will include:

  • Consultation
  • Art working support
  • Full production
  • Advice on distribution

Who should apply?

Women, especially black women and women of colour; as well as trans, non-binary and queer folks.

Our goal is to reach those with ideas, that are stuck behind a financial barrier. We are keen to connect people with similar interests in publishing, creating new connections that feed into an extended print peer group. The more people you include or collaborate with the better.


We will talk you through the limitations of the Risograph process and run you through a few different budget options, depending on your vision. We will work with you to draw up a timeline for design, pre-press and production.

We also have an extensive archive for you to explore and find inspiration in if you wish to.


We will be offering a £500 production budget to create your publication in-house.

This could include:

  • Risograph printing
  • Binding
  • Paper
  • Shipping (£50 max)

Anything beyond the budget is welcome but will need to be covered by the applicant(s).


We are happy to pass on helpful tips and contacts for potential stockists for your publication. We can also stock your publication on our upcoming web shop, if you choose.

What should you send?

In your application, please talk us through your ‘manifesto’ – the sort of content you'll include, the approach you'll take and what the aesthetics might be like. We want to hear how you will reach people a­­nd how far the project can be pushed. Other things to think about might be: how you’re going to launch the publication during a pandemic and how might you fit in that workshop you've always to host (or not). Please also include a list of potential contributors too.

Email Address:

[email protected]


1st June 2021

Your submission should be contained in a single PDF or Word document.


Is there a brief?

No. The only guideline is that the publication must focus on the themes of gender, race, disability, care, class, politics and/or art. We have kept things broad to include as many people as possible.

Can I submit a book of my personal work?

We aren’t looking for a lone ranger. We’re hoping this will encourage collaboration and provide a space that lots of contributors will benefit from.

Can I apply alone?

Yes. However, we need you to show that you’ll be working with an extended network of contributors featured in the publication.

Is the fund open to international submissions?

Yes, we are accepting international submissions. However, these submissions must have a global outlook if possible. We want to prioritise addressing things on our own door step first, but this does not mean ruling out people who are further afield.

What does ‘in-house production budget’ mean?

We’ll cover any work that can be done with our own equipment in-house, plus any paper we might have to order. We will not be handing you any physical cash; this the fund essentially gives you £500 worth of PageMasters vouchers to produce your publication.

Is there an example of the type of publication you want to see?

Check out the following fantastic publications: FEM ZINE, Honey Zine, Hate Zine, Pink Noise Zine, Grrrl in Print (published by Grrrl Zine Fair).

Is there only one prize?

At the moment, yes. But we have received a further £400 in donations, this will either be; added to the initial fund, put towards a second fund or distributed across smaller projects. Once we have reviewed all the submissions, we will make a decision on this.

How To Apply

Please send you application as a single .pdf or word document to [email protected] by the 1st of June 2021.