Posted 20 December 2022

10 creative career-related TikTok accounts to follow

Having been the most popular app on the planet for nearly half a decade, there’s no denying that TikTok has taken creativity to a whole new level. Naturally, designers, photographers and filmmakers all over the world have gravitated to the platform as a way to showcase their work to a wider audience. Here, we’ve highlighted a host of creative career-focused accounts ranging from filmmaking tips and creative inspiration all the way to opportunities roundups and guidelines for making great decks.

1. Shola West

Good for: Media industry workers

Currently working at agency OMD and coming from an apprenticeship, Shola uses her platform to guide and empower Gen Z’s creative forces. Through her TikTok, she shares her journey going from retail worker to apprentice and subsequently junior creative, as well as showcases eye-catching CV templates and websites to help you find your next big opportunity.

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2. Excel with Grant

Good for: All creatives

Want to learn the easiest ways to get around programs like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets? From dropdown lists to auto sums, Grant’s videos will make the more data-driven side of creative work seem like a breeze. You might be starting out as a freelancer or setting up your own business, working out a project budget or calculating client fees – whatever it is, Grant’s tips are sure to be helpful.

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3. The PowerPoint Guy

@jacobppt Another PowerPoint tutorial! I’m planning to do more tutorials, and longer tutorials as soon as possible!‼️ I’ve just been super busy atm#powerpoint #students #powerpointtutorial #presentation I Think I Like When It Rains - WILLIS

Good for: Guidelines for creating decks

With his TikTok account, Jacob – AKA The PowerPoint Guy – seeks to improve the aesthetic of viewers’ decks, but also to help simplify the process of making oftentimes complicated assets such as timelines. While his content is geared more towards PowerPoint users, Google Suite aficionados won’t feel left out as he sometimes switches to the platform to give advice, such as on ways to make animated backgrounds.

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4. Kuba

Good for: Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials

Adobe Suite users, look no further than Kuba’s feed. One minute you’ll learn how to blend text in Photoshop; the next, you’ll discover how to intertwine shapes in Illustrator. Kuba’s videos won’t just help you save time and effort, but will make you the envy of other emerging creatives in every industry.

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5. Ursula Krause

Good for: Product photographers and creative business owners

How do photographers get certain products to sell? Ursula can tell you – working with both photo and video, she can even make a simple can of Fanta look like the nectar of the gods. Her TikToks provide quick snippets of her longer-form tutorials on YouTube, where she talks everything from lighting techniques to dipping your toes into stop-motion.

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6. Baotran Tran

@tran.ugc I avoid setting up the tripod at all costs 👀 Some of these are great to travel with, others are great to set up in the office/studio #phonegadget #phonetools #phonehacks #filminghacks #editinghacks #contentcreatortips #contentcreatortools #ugctipsandtricks #ugcexample #techmusthave #techbag #techessentials weak speed - a

Good for: Content producers and social media creators

A user-generated content guru, Tran won’t just tell you how to monetise your work and be seen – she also gives tips on editing, lighting and essential gadgets to use to achieve certain stylistic effects seen on popular creative videos. When she’s not dishing out such advice, she’s being an extremely relatable freelancer, often sharing her gripes with the ever-changing algorithm.

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7. Bricks

@bricksmagazine Join the BRICKS Learner Platform for 50+ ops sent to your inbox every week! free for 30-days! #fashion #fashionforyou #artjobs #opencall #freelance #manchester #london #fashionjobs #hiring about you -

Good for: All creatives

Every week, queer-owned magazine and studio Bricks signal out the best creative industry opportunities – not just in London or the UK, but all around the world. They also spotlight art and fashion industry must-read news so you can keep up-to-date while scrolling through your feed.

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8. Tips for Creators

@tipsforcreators How to make your videos look clean #CapCut #cccreator original sound - KristyLee

Good for: Content producers and social media creators

Mostly using the editing software CapCut and Adobe Lightroom, Tips for Creators’ TikToks range from making three-layer videos to giving you all you need to make your videos look clean. For less than a tenner each, they also offer Lightroom and Instagram Stories presets to make your work stand out from the crowd with minimal effort.

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9. The Ideas Foundation

Good for: All creatives

The Ideas Foundation use their TikTok presence to platform resources for young creatives all around the world, from showcasing the best websites for design portfolio inspiration, to revealing best four months to apply for creative opportunities.

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10. Rebekah B

Good for: Film and music video directors

Rebekah B balances music video directing for names such as Britney Spears and Becky Hill, with being a mum. She’s a candid presence on TikTok, revealing such nuggets of wisdom for emerging creatives as seven things she wished she knew when starting her career, as well as where to find unique references and filmmaking opportunities that don’t require previous experience.

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This list is non-exhaustive – so please get in touch at [email protected] if you know of any other great creative career-focused TikTok accounts!

Written by Creative Lives in Progress