Posted 05 January 2022

Get a Pep Talk from AR artist Viv Galinari

On Wednesday 19th we’re back for our first Pep Talk of 2022, with AR artist at Meta, Viv Galinari, at 1 pm on Instagram Live! Tune in as Viv talks about the journey from business graduate to AR artist, making a career change and working in tech.

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About Viv Galinari
Based in London, Viv Galinari is a technical and AR artist. For those less familiar, AR (or augmented reality) involves layering visual and auditory information onto reality to create digital immersive experiences. You might have used an AR face filter on Instagram, for example.

With a journey that has seen her work in a variety of roles, Viv has mastered skills in creative coding, augmented reality and visual programming – and was even voted one of the top women in tech, winning the TechWomen100 award in 2020. Now working for Meta – previously named Facebook – Viv is testament to power of up-skilling when changing careers.

After graduating from university in Maringá, Brazil in 2004, Viv initially moved to London to further her career, starting out in the marketing and membership management team at D&AD. But it was while getting her BSc in Business and Innovation at Birkbeck University – and after years of believing that coding was a skill suited only for men – that Viv decided that it was time to learn the skill for herself.

So with little resources and unable to do a costly bootcamp, she taught herself code. It paid off when Viv landed a role as a software developer, creating custom web apps for the BBC, while continuing to experiment in the world of social AR.

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Viv's filter, ‘Weirdest’ has been used by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid

Creativelivesinprogress viv galinari pep talk bella hadid

Creative Livesin Progress Pep Talk Viv Galinari 001

An example of Viv's filters

Creative Livesin Progress Pep Talk Viv Galinari 002 JPG

An example of Viv's filters

In addition to her work at Meta, Viv also maintains and innovative freelance practice where she creates filters for social media. Often working in collaboration with brands like Maybelline New York, today, Viv’s work has accumulated over 400 million impressions across social media platforms. And even though the world of filters and AR is still developing, Viv says that if you want to get into this pocket of industry, now is the time!

A great believer in the potential of self-teaching, Viv will be ready to answer all your questions later this month, so set a reminder for 1pm on January 19th, and join us as she talks about working in AR and making a career change.

See more from Viv on her Instagram and Twitter.

About the Host

About Steph Fung
A 2019 graduate of LCC’s BA in graphic and media design, after working with the likes ofThe Face magazine, Studio Moross and The Mill, Steph built up a strong network before landing a role as a motion designer at Selfridges in 2019.

Today, Steph’s career continues to go from strength-to-strength – from building an impressive online presence to creating work for Vogue Singapore. Now working as a freelance 3D artist, Steph’s practice centres around her interests in interaction design and fashion.

See more from Steph via her website, on Instagram and TikTok.

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