Posted 02 April 2020
Written by Siham Ali

Nuggets of wisdom to start and end your day with, as recommended by five creatives

Last week on our Instagram Stories we debuted a new mini-series called Good Morning, Good Night. For many, the switch to remote working came with a need to adjust to a new way of living, and as we become accustomed to life on Zoom, Google Hangouts and Slack, it’s important to check in with yourself and stay connected to your loved ones during this time. We were able to collaborate with some amazing creatives for the first round of this series – including Matthew the Horse, Hel Covell, Gem Fletcher, Allison Filice and Kévin Gemin. Here’s some ways that they helped us signal the start and end to our days, last week.

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Sun, print by Matthew the Horse

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The Mystic, personal work by Allison Filice

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Mallakhamba, art directed by Gem fletcher, photographed by Ken Hermann

Good Morning

Matthew the Horse
We welcomed in a new week with Leeds-based illustrator and poet, Matthew the Horse. He pointed us in the direction of some recently discovered music from the Nintendo game Animal Crossing. “It’s perfect for a slow, bright beginning to your day,” Matthew told us. Before signing off, he also encouraged us to “have another banana” and embrace the relaxing vibrations as we do so.

Gem Fletcher
On the Wednesday, writer, podcaster and art director Gem Fletcher provided us with a reminder to “be kind to yourself. Allow your breathing to stabilise [and] accept the challenge that we have all been given.”

Kévin Gemin
On the Thursday, French artist and animator Kévin Gemin helped us begin the day with a smile. “Good Morning everyone! At this time, what helps me is to remember the good times I’ve had. Feel nostalgic, and then close my eyes for 10 seconds to rest my mind. Then I can begin to enjoy my day,” he tells us. Indeed, many of us are feeling nostalgic and reflective, but Kévin is reminding us to let this push our days on in the best possible way. Thanks, Kevin!

Allison Filice
To bring in the weekend, we had San Francisco-based illustrator and super-mum Allison Filice with us. “Good Morning! Recently I’ve been doing a silly dance in the morning to make my baby laugh. Baby or not, it’s a great way to start the day and shake off some tension”, she tells us. What particular song gets Allison in the mood? None other than Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra

Hel Covell
On the Saturday, we were joined by illustrator, Hel Covell to ring in the new day. Hel kindly created a morning playlist for us to “dance to (badly, in pyjamas, in the kitchen) and to open the windows to.” The playlist includes some stellar hits from Kate Bush, Prince and Discotron – have a listen below.

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Moon, print by Matthew the Horse

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Mr. Pearl, a one-page comic for Revista Kiwi magazine by Helena Covell

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Mystery, personal work by Allison Filice

Good Night

Matthew the Horse
As the sun began to set, and we said goodbye to another day – Matthew encouraged our audience to “be with your craft, look at it closer. Take more time and let this time lead you somewhere new.” He continues, “We can live slower and for now we must. I’m letting days disappear in the way that days do. Putting focus on the details and the space around me. Worming in the soil. Making a thing. Letting the drawing decide what it is.” Matthew also shared with us documentary Grandfather and reflected on its mission to examine our human drive. Similar to the events in the documentary, Matthew enquires, perhaps we should use this time to ask: “What am I seeking? Why? When for?”

Gem Fletcher
To end our day and hers, Gem recommended Morning After Coffee by Kelsey Lu as the “perfect evening wind down.”

Kévin Gemin
For his evening wind down, Kevin pointed us in the direction of the incandescent evening sky. “If you can, try to watch the sunset; it’s an amazing spectacle. I often do so while relaxing with tea or listening to a playlist. It helps to set my mind at ease before the start of another day. Good Night!”

Allison Filice
For Allison, it is particularly helpful to end her day by “writing down a list of whatever is floating around in [her] head,” she tells us. If she is unable to do this, then it’s often the case that those ideas and to-do list will hinder her sleep in some way.

Hel Covell
We signed off the week with a Good Night playlist curated by Hel – she tells us, “these are some songs to detangle (most likely) weird day. Read, cook, have a bath, ring your mum. It’s an uncertain, overwhelming time, so try and accept the weird feelings.” For Hel it’s important that we all count the day’s achievements, “as little or as big as they seem.”

Written by Siham Ali
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