Posted 18 November 2020

Event alert! Get a Pep Talk from creative director and #Merky Books author, Niran Vinod

Our online event, Pep Talk, is back and heading to Instagram Live to bring some energy and practical pointers to your day. This time we’ll be joined by creative director and #Merky Books author Niran Vinod, with host Steph Fung, to share some advice on growing your brand on Instagram and beyond.

Ah, personal branding and Instagram. Two topics that come up time and time again when it comes to building a creative career. And with many of us now working entirely online, the challenge of translating your personal brand virtually is an ever-present one.

But how do work out what your brand even is? And how can you translate that to a platform like Instagram? Luckily, Niran Vinod is something of an expert on the topic – he’s literally written the book on it! An ex-creative strategist for both Facebook and Instagram itself, Niran recently published How To Build It: Grow Your Brand, under #Merky Books, and is ready to share some of his essential insights and advice.

Joining him will be the brilliant Steph Fung who will be hosting the event. Steph will be posing your questions to Niran on what it takes to build your own brand online.

Meet the Guest


About Niran Vinod
“If you don’t ask, you don’t get” is a sentiment that Niran Vinod lives by. As Niran told us in his Creative Lives interview, the basis of his career came about in the form of a blog he founded in his second year of uni; teaching himself to write, strategise, take photos, art direct and keep clients happy.

After graduating from LCC’s Creative Advertising Strategy course in 2011, Niran worked at a range of agencies including WeAreSocial, Independents United and AKQA before joining Instagram in 2015. Working as a creative strategist, Niran helped to launch Instagram ads, before expanding his role to working on the wider Facebook family of apps. Most recently, Niran led creative strategy on the fashion and luxury clients for Instagram.

After leaving Instagram, Niran partnered with Stormzy’s #Merky Books to launch a book around building both personal and business brands, aimed at breaking down knowledge barriers and uplifting the next generation.

Today, Niran works as a creative director, and most recently he co-founded Deft, a consultancy that helps upstarts launch digital businesses and quickly scale them into global brands.

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Meet the Host


About Steph Fung
A 2019 graduate of LCC’s BA in graphic and media design, doing a year in industry while at university lead to Steph’s lucky break. After working with the likes of The Face magazine, Studio Moross and The Mill, Steph built up a strong network before landing her current role as a motion designer at Selfridges.

Ever since, Steph’s career has continued to go from strength-to-strength. From building an impressive online presence to creating work for Vogue Singapore. Recently she was also selected for Kickers’ class of 50 creatives that they believe will help shape their respective industries over the next 50 years.

See more from Steph via her website, on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube

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