Posted 23 March 2023

10 TikTok accounts for creative advice, interview tips and opportunities round-ups

Having been the most popular app on the planet for nearly half a decade, it’s no surprise that creatives of all disciplines have utilised TikTok as a way to showcase their work and lives to a wider audience. Some creatives have gone one step further, using the platform to offer valuable industry insight to their following. Here, we’ve highlighted a host of creative career-focused accounts, ranging from filmmaking tips and creative inspiration, all the way to opportunities roundups and job interview advice.

1. Shola West

Good for: Media industry workers and those seeking creative opportunities

Currently working at agency OMD and coming from an apprenticeship, Shola uses her platform to guide and empower Gen Z creatives. Through her TikTok, she shares her journey going from retail worker to apprentice and subsequently junior creative, as well as showcases eye-catching CV templates and websites to help you find your next big opportunity.

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2. Bricks

@bricksmagazine Join the BRICKS Learner Platform for 50+ ops sent to your inbox every week! free for 30-days! #fashion #fashionforyou #artjobs #opencall #freelance #manchester #london #fashionjobs #hiring about you -

Good for: Creative opportunities and industry news

Every week, queer-owned magazine and studio Bricks shine a light on the best creative industry opportunities – not just in London or the UK, but all around the world. They also spotlight art and fashion industry must-read news so you can keep up-to-date while scrolling through your feed.

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3. The Ideas Foundation

Good for: Careers advice for all creatives and design inspiration

The Ideas Foundation uses their TikTok presence to platform a wide range of resources for emerging creatives – from showcasing the best websites for design portfolio inspiration, to revealing the best four months to apply for creative opportunities.

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4. Zayanne B

@zayannexb Walk through my portfolio with me If you’re struggling with not knowing what to include in your portfolio, this is for you Here’s a step by step guide through my portfolio which I hope will give you guidance on how to create your own! I created my portfolio on Canva, you can sign up for free with the link in my bio #porfolio #canvatutorial #creativecareers #portfoliotips #contentcreatortiktok #nogatekeeping #canva #blacktiktok ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

Good for: Creative opportunities, industry trends and observations

Describing herself as “the plug for creatives”, Zayanne’s TikTok highlights a range of observations and advice about the creative industry. From unpaid internships to what you should include in your portfolio, Zayanne has it covered. She also regularly spotlights weekly roundups of creative opportunities, highlighting jobs and internships with the likes of Vogue, Google and Spotify.

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5. Rebekah B

Good for: Film-based opportunities and careers advice

Rebekah B balances music video directing for names such as Britney Spears and Becky Hill with being a mum. She’s a candid presence on TikTok, revealing nuggets of wisdom for emerging creatives, such as seven things she wished she knew when starting her career, as well as where to find unique references and filmmaking opportunities that don’t require previous experience.

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6. Mia Sakai

@themimiverse Replying to @Ruka ‘slowly is the fastest way to get to where you want to be’ as they say take your time and stay consistent but make sure to realistically balance work/life and rest often ‼️#londoncreativenetwork #creativeindustryadvice ♬ NO PASA NADA - J $ensei

Good for: General creative industry advice, call-outs and opportunities

Also known as Mimi on TikTok, Mia is a photographer and creative director based in London. Her TikTok is a treasure trove of creative callouts in the UK – and sometimes globally – to apply for. Mia also answers questions from her audience on starting out in the industry and covers topics such as prioritising creative pursuits whilst working a 9–5 job.

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7. Roisino

@roisino__ Replying to @sticks remember; YouTube tutorials are your best friend #director #startacreativecareer #howto #creativeindustry #creativehack #adobetok Escapism. - RAYE & 070 Shake

Good for: Film-based inspiration and advice for regional creatives

Roisino is a director with a TikTok account that features a wealth of inspiration and advice for emerging creatives, posting day-in-the-life videos as well as bits of guidance, including how to make it as a creative living outside of a big city and tricks to elevate creative photoshoots.

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8. Sho Dewan

Good for: General job search and interview advice

Sho runs Workhap, an online job search consultancy matching people to jobs. A former recruiter and HR consultant, he shares his wisdom on TikTok about universal experiences in the job search, including getting past recruitment stages in job applications, plus tips and trick on how to nail interviews and ways to approach tough questions with your employer or clients.

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9. The Eric App’s TikTok account

Good for: Advice on which careers you could pursue and creative call-outs

The team at creative careers app Eric post candid videos on their TikTok reflecting on each of their career journeys, all alongside gems such as tips on turning your creative skills into side hustles, creative internships you can apply to and how to avoid job search burnout.

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10. Erin McGoff

@erinmcgoff ✨ REMEMBER: its totally okay to say “thats a great question! Hm, I might need a moment to think about that. Can we come back to this?” ✨ #greenscreen #job #jobinterview #jobinterviewtips #jobinterviewquestions #interviewtips #interviewquestions #career #careertiktok #careeradvice #careercoach #careertok ♬ original sound - Erin McGoff 🎬✨

Good for: Job search and interview advice

Declaring herself “your career and life advice bestie”, Erin posts universal and relatable tips on interview questions, and also shares her experiences collected over her career. She shares valuable advice including red flags to watch out for from potential employers and ways you can go about asking your employer for a raise.

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This list is non-exhaustive – so please get in touch at [email protected] if you know of any other great creative career-focused TikTok accounts!

Written by Creative Lives in Progress